Friday, 30 September 2016

Movie review

Hi everyone,

It's school holidays here so it was off to the movies today.  What to choose?  Ummm?  Of course it was a book I had read, Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children.  I was interested in seeing if it ruined the book, much like most of the movies I have watched after reading a good book. 

Not this time!  I really enjoyed the movie.  It had one lady in the theatre very jumpy, we all heard her.  But at the same time I had no issues with the content for my boy.  That is not to say I recommend young children go to this movie, use your initive with your own children... My boy is a young teen.

Anyway, did it add up to the book.  Yes!  Finally a movie that I enjoyed just as much as the book.  Doesn't happen very often but this time I enjoyed ever bit of the movie and every bit of the book. Of course there is more in the book to enjoy.  There is only so much time in a movie screening.  There was a couple of parts I can't remember being in the book and I am not going back to read the book, you will have to read it yourselve and figure it out. 

For my book review connect here:  Miss Peregrine's... book review

And, for your viewing here is the trailer which you can find on Youtube.

Well it's the weekend again so hope you all have something great planned.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Hi Everyone,

Seriously, the background of this quote is the sky out my window this morning!  Can you believe it!

It looks so murky but truely by the end of the day the sun will be shining.  It is all just a trick of the eye as the sea fog rolls in each morning at the moment.  It has been like this for days.  The morning is foggy then by the mid-day the sun is shinning something glorious as the spring begins to abound around us.  The morning starts off with the the sheep (yes we have sheep) lazing in the paddock but by mid morning the lambs are bouncing all over the place as life is new and exciting.

It got me thinking of this quote as I thought of what I could offer you this morning.  It seems to me the 'cloud people' are often the ones we focus our thoughts, energy and time on when in reality there are beautiful people around us, that want to encourage us and spend time freely with us.  What is it with human nature?  So I put put the question to you today...

Are you looking at the clouds or what lies beyond them that can bring you joy? 

Not just the people either.  There is a whole world waiting out there for you to see the sunshine through the clouds, or fog which ever it may be.  Look beyond the cloud, it will clear!  Life is journey and one of infinate choices.

Have a great day

Friday, 23 September 2016

The one plus one

The One Plus One
Author: Jojo Moyes
ISBN: 978-1-405-90905-1

This book is one of the most crazy, mixed up stories you will ever read.  If you are anything like me you will enjoy every bit of the crazy.  All the characters have their bit to play in the mess they all find themselves in.  I had to laugh, cry, scream, and giggle some more, as each fought the past and present while dragging the other characters into the mess. 

Through it all they grow apart, together, apart and together again.  Get the idea!  It's one of the funniest situations I have ever read about.  Jojo Moyes impressed me with 'Me Before You', and she has done the same with this book.  I am fast approaching the need to place her at the top of my favourite authors list, I will read more of her books and let you know if she continues to moves further up the list.

So, if you think your life is just a little crazy and you need reasurance that it really isn't then read this book.  It wont take you long to relax intot he storyline and realise your life is just fine.

One eternal optimist...
Jess Thomas, with two jobs and two kids and never enough money, wears flip-flops in the hop of spring.  And when life knocks her down she does her best to bounce right back.  But there are some challenges even she can't meet on her own.

Plus one lost stranger... 
Ed Nicholas is the good guy gone bad.  He had it all, then one stupid mistake cost him everything.  Now he'll do anything to make it right.

Equals a chance encounter...
Ed doesn't want to save anyone and jess doesn't want saving, but could Jess and Ed add up to something better together?

This was available from: FishpondAmazon and Book depository

Well everyone,  the weekend is here again.  Go get a book and find a cosy place to relax with a good book. 
Happy Reading

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

poem of the week

Hi Everyone

I was in need of a peom to get me thinking.  As I am studying the 1930's education reforms, I thought I would go in search of the poets from the same time.  I came across this poem which was written in the 1980s but the poet was born in 1939 so I thought it came close enough.  Hope you enjoy this poem.

Happy reading

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Living Well

Living Well
Greg Horn
ISBN: 9780982515938

This book is very well researched and written.  If there is one thing I enjoy it is finding out one more thing about health.  I have spent years looking at all the health benefits of food and exercise.  After years of running, a injury slowed me down recently and made me see the importance of diet to another extreme. 

None of us are getting any younger and we live in a fast paced, commercialised world.  This book addresses health, food, exercise and lifestyle that compliments any lifestyle.  Not only does it give the authors opinion, it gives sound research into each matters addressed.  Of all the research, I have to agree with most, if not all, that is incorporated in these pages.  It isn't totally new information for the well read, well researched, and well Googled individual.  But it is so well written that you will keep turning the pages for the next issues advice. 

I liked that information about vitamins.  I am not a big supplement taker but they have their place.  The management of vitamins is not over done, and is backed up with the whys of implementing each supplement. 

The last section is a prescription for incorporating the information into your lifestyle.  Take a look at the clip below, which I got from YouTube.  It shows what the book has to offer, beyond this reviews information.  Then pick up a copy, you have little to lose through learning more about good sensible health.


Living Well is a book for anyone who wants to get the most out of life, with clear answers about health, diet, exercise, and personal habits that can make all the difference. Living Well is the only program that incorporates all the elements of good health into one whole life plan by using Six Pillars: Thinking Well, Eating Well, Moving Well, Sleeping Well, Hosting Well, and Staying Well.
Written by health and nutrition expert Greg Horn in the same engaging and accessible style that made Living Green a best seller, Living Well connects the science to the art of Living Well, consolidating the latest scientific research into common sense insights and offering a prescriptive action plan that readers can incorporate into their lives.

Happy reading

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Hi Everyone

Its been a busy week here.  I have had a week off and managed to full it in with everything!  Does anyone else have this problem.  I think of all the relaxing things I can do with a week off, all the books I can get read, the quiet things I long to do.  Then, I full the week with everything but, quietness 

Having said that, it has been a fabulous week of friends and family visiting from out of town.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It has been such a special time catching up with loved ones that I haven't seen for nearly 10 years. 

So today I am bringing you some of my favourites from around the web.  I always like finding a new blog or site that I can connect with so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones with all you out there that regularly look in on mine.  I have included the links with each for easy access to the sites. 

Brainy quotes bring you a new quote every day.  You can down load their app, receive the quotes via email or link into the site.

I believe in living today. Not in yesterday, nor in tomorrow. - Loretta Young

Each week Excellence in writing bring you a new podcast.  They are mostly about writing but there are also plenty on teaching and children/teens.  I often connect in to see what new research they have to offer.

Bookbub sends you an email each day, or you can connect into the site, letting you know just a few of the free ebooks available each day.


One of my all time favourites is the good old Tedtalks on YouTube... especially Tedx.  It depends on the day as to what I connect into, but there are loads of people out there on Tedtalks that have a lot to offer the world.

TEDx Talks

For all you who have a cold day there, take a look into some of my favourites.  As for me... Spring is here, the sun is shining and there are baby lambs in the paddocks all around the country side.  Its a great day to smile.

Happy reading and web surfing