Friday, 24 October 2014

A letter to Mrs Roosevelt

A letter to Mrs Roosevelt
Author: C.Coco De Young
ISBN:  9780440415299
Pages: 105

A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt
This  review has taken a while.  I have been busy doing final assignments and exams.  It is nearly all over, then I can read some of the books I have waiting to be devoured and brought to life.  So keep checking in and I will keep reading and reviewing as our summer here begins.
This book is an easy read for young readers.  It is of a young girl during the depression.  Her father owns a business and gives his services in exchange for food if people cannot pay him.  This enables the family to stay feed, but not pay the bills.  The house becomes ticketed and they have limited time before they are made to move out. 
Margo has to write a letter for a class assignment.  She decides to write to Mrs Roosevelt and ask for help as she believes Mrs Roosevelt can fix anything.  The outcome of the whole story shows the beauty of child innocence and character. 
If you want a story for your children to show them anything is possible, if you at least try first, then this is a book worth handing them.  It is truly a beautiful story.
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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Helen Keller


Helen Keller
Author: Margaret Davidson
ISBN: 978-0-590-42404-2
Pages: 95

Helen Keller
My son loved reading this book.  He told me it was one of the most understandable books he has read. The best thing is he has also retained all the information.  It is an easy read chapter book full of information about the life of Helen Keller, yet told in story form.  It inspired him enough to get sign language books from the library and learn some sign language.  I really like books that inspire more from children.  In the back of the book are prints of Helen including a picture of her with her inspirational teacher, Annie Sullivan.  I would like to read more about Annie Sullivan.  She was the driving force behind the character of Helen Keller.  She had sight problems of her own yet went on to teach Helen while never limiting her for her disabilities.  I highly recommend this book for both young readers and adults who want a quick informative read about an inspirational girl.
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Thursday, 2 October 2014


Author: Christopher Michael Reardon
ISBN: 9780615897783
Pages: 262


Christpher Reardon is a new author.  He has tutored writing and this is his first book.  He sent me a copy to read and see what I thought.  Well what do I think?  I think he is going to do fantastic within the field of writing and would definately read more of his books. 

This is not a book I would have probably picked up off the self from my local bookstore, so I am pleased Christopher sent it to me.  It kept me reading to see how the obstacles were going to be achieved.  The idea of the book is quiet different.  There is a doctor and a sick boy who is going to die.  That is until Gari (the doctor) is given a book that takes him on an adventure through six obstacles that will enable the young boy to live.   The obstacles are far from easy.  To the extreme really.  It gets you thinking, would you risk your life for another?  Especially through obstacles like these.  There are others doing the obstacles as well, all with their own stories to tell.  They become part of a twist that I can not tell about without spoiling. 
For a young author, and a new author, Christopher is a dramatic writer.  Well thought out plot and loads suspense. 
Thanks for sending me the Christopher - great work!
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