Friday, 30 May 2014

Loving our kids on purpose


Loving our Kids on Purpose
Author: Danny Silk
ISBN: 978-0-7684-0352-7
Pages: 185
Loving Our Kids on Purpose: Making a Heart-To-Heart Connection

How do you talk to your children?  Now how do you talk to your friends?  Have you ever been going "Blaa, blaa, blaa, blaa!!!" to your children only to answer the phone, half way through, with the sweetest, "Hello...".  It is a choice how we choose to talk to a person.  This is shown by the fact that we can put on a smile in the mist of an argument, for the phone or someone at the door.
Danny Silks writes on the relationships we have with our children.  They are people and they make mistakes.  He writes about how we can deal with these mistakes, through the heart of our children, rather than with anger over the issue.  Sure it's hard to not get angry.  But are we really trying to break down a heart and relationship, or teach our children about their choices and the impact those choices made.  He gives a sound argument about the impact of our choices towards discipline.  Children need boundaries and parents with the strength to think before reacting.  This book gives loads of examples and ideas to encourage a parent to parent, rather than the child.  This is while keeping the heart of the child rather than breaking it into a million pieces that generations will pick up.
I enjoyed this book.  I liked his writing.  It made me smile many times.  It made me nod many times too.  This is good advice for parenting and growing the heart of a child into the heart of the adult they will be, rather than being the dragon trying to put out a fire you helped fan.
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Book Depository - Your best books ever

Book Depository's new " Your Best Books Ever List"

Book depository released their Top 100 best books ever list a month ago and asked the public to vote for their best books ever.  From these votes they have compiled a new list.  Check it out.  Hopefully you took the time to vote and your favourites are on the list.

It's great having these lists available, especially when they are voted by everyone and up to date. Here is the link.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Amos Fortune: Free man

Amos Fortune: Freeman
Author: Elizabeth Yates
ISBN: 978-0-14-034158-4
Pages: 181

Amos Fortune, Free Man
The abstract in the front of the book says:
Amos Fortune was born the son of a king in the At-mun-shi tribe of Africa.  The year was 1710.  At fifteen he was captured by slave traders and brought to Massachusetts, where he was sold at auction.  There he lived as a slave until he was sixty years old and able to purchase his freedom.  Then he began again to save and subsequently bought the freedom of several others.  At seventy Amos Fortune began a settled life for himself with his wife and his adopted daughter in the small village of Jaffrey, New Hampshire.  He was an expert tanner; and when he died in 1801, he was one of the most respected citizens of Jaffrey.  Today his tombstone can be found in the village churchyard, a memorial to a man "who was born free in Africa, a slave in America, who purchased his liberty, professed Christianity, lived reputably, and died hopefully."
It is amazing to read these kinds of stories and notice that no matter how much these people went through they still had hope.  Hope upon little, but hope that was so large inside them that they managed to succeed.  This book told Amos Fortune's story so extremely well that it was my daughter that made (nagged) me to read it also.  What I liked most about this story was that he never forgot where he came from and he never stopped hoping to find and save his sister. 
This book is recommended for age 8+.  My daughter is a young adult and she really appreciated the story.  It is easily readable for any competent 8 year old, but I would envision that it would be more appreciated with age.
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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Prediction

The Prediction
Darren Sugrue
Product Details

This book was offered to me by the author, Darren Sugrue.  He is a new author well worth checking out, I will be waiting for his next book! 

Twelve years previous, Daniel writes a thesis to prove the date of death is possible to predict.  Who can really play God?  And who really wants the consequences of playing this game?  This is the out come of the rejected thesis.  As the trial people start to die, on the given dates, Daniel has to choose between bringing back to life his thesis or protecting the people he loved.  Not a simple job.  Again the question is can anyone really play this game and enjoy the outcomes. 

An extremely well written, capturing novel.  It kept me wanting to turn each page.  There didn't seem to be a dull moment as the chapters switched between the characters lives.  I was intrigued as to the outcome of a story like this and I enjoyed the whole novel from the opening pages.  Definitely full of suspense.

This is an adults book.  It contains coarse language.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The great turkey walk

The Great Turkey Walk
Author: Kathleen Karr
ISBN: 978-0-374-42798-6
Pages: 197

The Great Turkey Walk

Can you just imagine: one thousand turkeys being walked across your nation.  Well, this is what is done in this story.  It makes me laugh to just imagine it.  But it was a fact of life many years ago. 

Fifteen year old Simon Green is made to leave school.  He has just finished third grade for the fourth time.  Everyone thinks he is incapable of everything except his teacher.  When he comes up with a plan to by one thousand turkeys and walk them from Missouri to Denver his teacher, Miss Rogers, helps him get started.  He finds himself a drover and sets off.  Along the way the he makes friends who assist him.  He meets his long last father who does everything possible to cheat his son out of his profits.  Yet, despite every obstacle he continues on his venture. 

We laughed, sighed and thought "What!" all the way through this book.  It is a well written novel based on the adventures of turkey walkers in 1860.

This book is recommended for ages 10 plus and was available from Book depository, Amazon, and Whitcoulls

Janell Cannon


Janell Cannon
ISBN: 0-15-201028-9

Trupp: A Fuzzhead Tale
Janell Cannon
ISBN: 978-0-15-201695-1


Janell Cannon
ISBN: 0-15-205061-2
Today my kids asked me "Who is your favourite picture book author?"
I was a bit taken back.  It is not something I had thought of for a while let alone having to think of an answer on the spot.  Instead of giving them an answer I questioned why and asked who they thought was the best author.  Well apparently the best picture book author ever (according to my kids) is Janell Cannon.   They love her stories and the illustrations are the best. 
So... We sat down and read them, so they could show me it was a fact that Janell is the greatest writer and illustrator.  I have to say I did really enjoy them.  They all had a moral and the animals were really adorable.  Crickwing is bullied and then becomes the bully only to save the day and become their friends instead.  Trupp is about helping others out and home being the best place to be.  Verdi is about being yourself even when life changes.
Janell has more books than these.  I have only read these three but my children have read all the rest the library has to offer and they like them all.  

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

To Kill a Mockingbird


To Kill a Mockingbird
Author: Harper Lee
ISBN: 978-0-446-31078-9
Pages: 376
To Kill a Mockingbird

I managed to avoid reading this book while I was at school!  Why...  I can only confess that I did little reading at school.  What a shame.  I actually got extremely engrossed in the lives of this family.  I struggled to put it down.  I could have easily been one of the residents in the street. 
It is story of family. 
It is a story of the real struggles with racism. 
It is a story of friendship, love and hatred. 
It tells of the importance of not judging people we don't know (or haven't even seen). 
This is one of those books that I will always remember.  It was so easy to become apart of the town.  I shared the frustrations and joys of the characters.  It was really good to sit down and read a story that was so vivid. 
This is a book that I wont recommend an age for.  It is totally up to the maturity of the individual and judgement to this is not mine to make. 

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

By the great horn spoon

By the Great Horn Spoon
Author: Sid Fleischman
ISBN: 987-0-316-28612-1

By the Great Horn Spoon!

A Gold Rush Adventure!
Young Jack sets out with Praiseworth, his butler, to seek his fortune in California.  He is on a mission to save the family home and endeavours to strike it rich in the gold rush.  He strikes it rich in many ways.  He finds adventure from the moment he gets on the ship.  This had me smiling as I imagined the young man with all his obstacles.  Praiseworth was loyal to the end not wanting to let Jacks Auntie down.  He is set on doing his duty as Jacks butler but Jack just wants a friend.  Together they find gold and experience life.
Quite an enjoyable read.  Recommended for 9 year olds +.  An adventure I would envision most boys enjoying.  A good read for girls also as my daughter enjoyed it.
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